Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why Blog?

floral bouquet from Joan H on February 2
THANK YOU for the wonderful comments you left here after my last blog post. I was blown away with your thoughtful words and encouragement. 

In a private email exchange with one of my readers, the topic was bandied about as to why we blog. I mean, for those of us who aren't trying to sell anything with our blogs, why do we tell the world our thoughts, feelings, and activities, and usually with pictures?!! Why make ourselves vulnerable like that?

Are we narcissistic, self-centered, boastful? (Maybe.) 

Or do we have a message we feel compelled to share? (Often, yes.)

Do we think our writing will change what's wrong in the world? (It's worth a try.)

Are we lonely and so desperate that we resort to blogging?  (True for some.)

Is self-publishing a stepping-stone to manuscripts for a book? (Sometimes)

For whatever reasons we began blogging, with many of us it's come around to a sharing of life experiences with a global group of people who welcome us into their reading niche and usually leave comments affirming our choices and offering information that can be helpful.

We learn from one another because we can't all experience all things. When we can humble ourselves enough to share what's happened to us, our successes and including our mistakes, we are helping others to make better choices with their circumstances. 

Sometimes we want to create with words and pictures to express what's inside of us, be it happy or sad. It's a release and a joy.

Perhaps most often we are designing a journal of our days for our future enjoyment and for the benefit of our children.

We love to create. I used to make scrapbooks, accumulating all the many bits and pieces of fobs and paper available. It made for a lot of stuff to store and keep track of, and I could never seem to use it all up! It was like getting more French Fries to use up the puddle of leftover ketchup on my plate and then getting more ketchup to eat with the leftover French Fries, and on and on! I always had components and fragments left over!

For me, blogging eventually put my scrapbooking to rest. I could record things in both public and private blogs, using the creativity my computer provided. That might not work for everyone, but for me it's been a much less cluttered method of self-expression and creativity.

I know for a fact I am not alone when I question my reasons for blogging. Insecurity is a common trait in most writers but when the words bubble up inside of us, that's a sign we need to express them in a useful frame.

As long as we are discreet with what we share and understand others may not always agree with us, blogging is a good form of communication. It's a modern-day platform of expression proving beneficial to many of us.


  1. When I started blogging, it was with the encouragement of Ginny O'Donnell. She was on our tour in Italy back in 2007 and she shared her wonderful photography on Yahoo360. It was just fun to make connections with people who were of a like mind. Through Yahoo360, to Multiply, and now on Blogger it is the fun connections we make with like-minded people. We share our lives, our ups and downs and now, most important to me, we share prayer and faith. Some of us have also met in person and now share an in-person connection as well. I'm not a writer. I look at this as more of a journal or diary. Sometimes I get tired of it, but not enough to quit. I love my friends here and a couple of them have been with me since Yahoo360!

  2. You covered that well. I began blogging because I was a homemaker with a group of friends and neighbors in the workplace. There was literally no one to chat with. Perhaps I was also looking for homemaking ideas at first. I also enjoyed writing and keying was easier than journaling the old-fashioned way. In the end, I found such captivating writers sharing such interesting things and then the Narnia magic really happened...I found a gathering of like-minded women...that has been the real joy of blogging for me.

  3. My blogging started when I realized that writing a book was going to be almost impossible for me, and I had this yearning to share my stories/life with others. It started out as "Closed Doors"...because it seemed as though doors were always closing in my face...and then "Open Windows", because God wouldn't leave me there behind closed doors...He had new vistas for me to explore and this was a way to do that in a positive, encouraging way. It is a type of journal for me as well, and I try to keep it properly backed up so that it won't all be lost in cyberspace someday...but that is a struggle to keep up with. I'd be interested to hear how others keep their writings safe for "posterity". I love that we have connected here and in well as with others. I do feel like we are a big family of great sisters/friends, and I look forward to our "get-togethers' here as often as possible. Thank you for being one of my special friends!!!

  4. I agree with Vee; you covered the why very well. I know for me I think of it as a creative outlet and a journal of sorts. I guess I do feel a bit awkward sharing, but yet I am drawn to it. I mentioned quitting to my husband and he was absolutely a cheerleader for continuing so I guess I am still here. I certainly don't want it to be work, but a hobby.
    I think you touched a very significant thought at the end. Insecurity! The Devil rears his ugly head with that.

  5. I started blogging on xanga, my girls had started blogging so on a whim I started a blog there. It was so much fun, and I discovered it was an enjoyable thing to write and even meet new acquaintances in the process! Xanga was very interactive and I was able to express my faith as well. Xanga started going down hill morally, and many were going to facebook so I left coming to blogspot hoping my xanga friends would come along too (sadly not many did and most didn't stick). I trusted the Lord in my move praying He would bless the move. I don't receive as many comments here but I know who does is a true-blue blogging friend and He knows just what I need and do not! Haha! : )

    I just pray and am very led by the spirit of God when to post and what to post...It is always nice to prayerfully get things off of our chest so to speak and sometimes just share the joys and woes of life. I know others are ministered to by this even if they don't leave comments. Once in a while I receive a message from a pastor in India etc. and it just makes my day.

    For me? Writing on a blog is a canvas just like any art I've done.

    I try hard to write for that Audience of One. : )

    Thanking God for sweet blogging friends, Gifts, such as yourself, ~Amelia

    1. A canvas! I like that.

      And I like what you said about the Lord leading you.

      Headed over to your blog now!

  6. I read through nodding my head. You covered the reasons well. A creative outlet is nice to have. It's nice to hear from those who take the time to read and let us know that our posts are an encouragement to them. Hope the new week is going well.

  7. Beautifully said, my friend. smiles

  8. Hi, my name is Sue, I am visiting from another blog, I so enjoyed your thoughts about blogging, I have been blogging since 2008, and enjoy it so much, occasionally I will take a break to regrouped my thoughts, my main reason for blogging was to find new friends, like a pen pal, I must say I wasn't disappointed, I have made some wonderful friends. Thank you for sharing.