Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"Such a Wonderful Treat!" - my side of the story

me 'n Pam
Today was one special day! Pam and her husband John came to see us. This is the first time a sister blogger has been able to come to my house, so we made history today!  

Pam described our visit so well on her blog post, which you can read right here: Such a Wonderful Treat! 

I haven't much to add except that we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Pam and John. They make hostessing easy and especially when I feel rather out of practice after spending the last six months or so very preoccupied with packing and moving. They oohed and ahhed over everything, ate what was set before them without complaint, are good listeners, and had their share of very interesting stories to make conversing such fun.

Of course we had to take the picture of them in our master bathroom shower, as we do with all of our guests. This one that we took with Pam's camera was especially cute, so I'm sharing it with you:

standing in the shower

They agreed with a comment made by one of our neighbors who had said, "Oh you got the horse stall!!" Since Ocala is labeled as "The Horse Capital of the World", this seemed only appropriate. I love it that Pam's waving at us. John was a really good sport about it, too, as you can tell by the smile on his face.

(by the way, there are 5 "horse capitals of the world"; Ocala is only one of them)

We gave them the tour of the  house, of course, and then sat down to a simple lunch of taco salad, a mixed-berry cobbler for dessert, and iced tea (of course!). 

Pam brought housewarming gifts as well: a cute dish towel and a hand painted sign by her son, Benton, who is a professional with paint and carpentry. As I type this I am waiting for my snapshot of the sign to download. But my Internet connection this evening is S.L.O.W......!!!*

I may have to add a post script to this post tomorrow with the picture of the gifts. 

So, wrapping this up for tonight, it's been a wonderful day of fellowship with good people. Pam and I each are making plans to visit with another blogger in the coming month or so. Meeting up with our blogging buddies is a real treat. We highly recommend it!

Until next time ...

By the way, yes, those are Christmas plates on the wall behind us in the first snapshot. I am shopping for more appropriate plates but have yet to find what I have in mind. So for the time being, Christmas plates are on that rack.  Just sayin'.

* the photo mentioned above has finally come through:

I look forward to finding the perfect place to display this sign!


  1. I noticed the Christmas plates and wondered:) You are going to have to clean that shower clean if you keep up the pictures. I think people might be surprised at the number of horses and cows in Florida. There is even a mural in the capital building with cows.
    Sounds like a fun day.

  2. You have had a lot of wonderful visitors to your horse stall! :) Fellow bloggers are so much fun to meet up with. Glad you had a good time! You are in a Horse Capital and we are in a Turkey Capital. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Popping over from Pam's, she and I have been blogging friends for a few years, but seems like we've always known each other. I am a Georgia girl. I enjoyed your post. I'll take a look tomorrow to see your sign photo.

  4. How fun! I will definitely visit Pam’s to see her version of this story. I, too, noticed the Christmas plates, which made me wonder what plates are in my decorative rack. 🙃

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!! Smiles (and I sure get a kick out of the shower photos, lol)

  6. How wonderful to get a fun visit from your blogging friend! They look cute in the shower stall! lol Love the pretty gifts she gave you too! Hasn't this been a beautiful week...with nice cool mornings? I've hiked in the mornings this week! Enjoy! Hugs!

  7. Oh Barbara! Thank you so much for this wonderful post! And I love that you finally were able to print the picture of the sign and dish towel! I do hope you will enjoy them both and think of us when you do!! We certainly did sit long, talk much and laughed often in our delightful visit...even though we weren't "on the porch"...we could see the porch from inside your very cool and lovely that was just as good as being on the porch, even better since it was cooler! You could consider your living room an extension of the porch and hang the sign right there above the porch doors! Just a thought... Anyway, we had such fun and we loved the taco salad and berry cobbler. Wonderful wonderful, as our old friend Lawrence Welk used to say!!

  8. O yes, I saw it on her blog. So nice.

  9. Love that sign! Also love all the pictures Pam posted of your home and your quilts are gorgeous!

  10. I didn't even notice the Christmas plates because of you two lovely ladies and your smiles!! It is always fun to meet with blogging friends and I am looking forward to showing you our beautiful Lakeland next month!!

  11. It sounded like you had a most enjoyable visit with Pam and her husband, John. You received lovely housewarming gifts; love the sign created by their son. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hi, Barbara!
    I just met you, and your blog, through Pamela's, and I'm so glad I did! I'm definitely subscribing, and looking forward to getting to know you better.

  13. Well, what a fun time. I know you had such a nice visit. It's such fun to meet blogging buddies in person. And, lovely gifts to boot!

  14. Visiting you from Pamela's blog. How nice that you two were able to meet and have a great time of fellowship. I love the sign and tea towel she gifted you with. Your house looks and sounds lovely and I hope you will have many happy years there.