Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Saturated Saturday

My homemade soup and grilled cheese by Chef Beloved
a perfect lunch for a rainy day
We woke this Saturday morning at 5a.m. to HARD rain on the roof, thunder and lightening. What blessing it is to have no particular place to go when the water is gushing down like that. I love Florida rain storms (except when there's a dangerous hurricane involved, of course). 

Most of the time we don't get hail, which is one of my most-disliked kinds of weather. We've been through some bad hail storms, one in particular on my son's birthday in July when the ice was so big it sounded like hammers falling all over the roof of our house. The baseball-sized hail smashed and shredded my Shasta Daisies in the front yard, dented Beloved's pick-up truck in the driveway, and necessitated a new roof on our brand new house. That was in Colorado Springs and it's just something you learn to live with in that part of the country.

Moving back to the current day, our landscaping company came out this week. After verifying the plans with us, orange paint was used to designate the work areas:

I call it Lawn Graffiti. Due to it's temporary purpose, our HOA allows it. (smile) The next day they came back to dig up grass, which was an interesting conundrum for us. Apparently our lawn has picked up a fungus that is pretty common around here, possibly from the blades of our lawn service equipment.... (sigh! Let it go Barb,  let it go). 

But as Beloved observed, a lot of the grass that got dug up this week was the good stuff, and the infected parts are still there. He asked if maybe they could replace the bad with the good, but that would involve more time and equipment, manpower, etcetera so, no. Can't do that. Ah well. We had already lined up another professional to deal with the problem after this current project is behind us.

Due to the rains that began late yesterday, work outside is at a standstill. We have a mote all around our house, filled with rainwater that is expected to fall in heavy amounts for the next ten days or so. Not sure how much progress will be made during that time. But we needed the rain, so it's really okay. Let's go inside.

My regular readers will remember the plate rack in our family room. Although I've been satisfied with the deep red dishes found dirt-cheap at the thrift store, this week I decided they were a little small. The quick fix for that was to place my Christmas stoneware behind them, hiding the lovely poinsettia but relying on the red border of the larger plates to supply a pleasing backdrop for the smaller plates. Much better. I like that.

Then you see that blank wall area under the painting from Good Will, to the left of the plate rack. That is just above the couch. Blank areas call to me, asking for embellishment. While buying a wall shelf at Hobby Lobby the other day, I came across the perfect solution for that blank portion of wall.

The wording is Vinyl Lettering Wall Art. I've used this product in our last 3 houses and love it with the notable exception that after it is [very easily] removed from a wall (as in when one has sold the house and is moving away), the lettering is not re-useable. Yes, one could use stencil paints (and before my terrible shoulder injury ten years ago, I was a stenciling queen!), but this works well and takes only minutes to accomplish. 

found at Hobby Lobby, 50% off this week (I paid $10)
I love the casual font and the wholesome message. (Don't we all know there are times when we are hard-pressed to give thanks! But more about that later.)

There's been one more change along that same wall this week:

If you read my blog often then you know these days I practically live and breathe cross stitching. I do most of it in my sewing room upstairs, but many evenings when Beloved is reading Rush Limbaugh's radio transcripts and there's nothing on TV (#mostofothetime!), I like to do my stitching on the main floor, just to be near my man.  But to stitch I need good light, a surface for the pattern, needles, and threads -- asking a lot of a simple lamp table.

We moved Beloved's dad's desk in from the guest room and that's where I set up shop to sew. Then when I'm done, there are plenty of drawers to stash it all so the main part of the house doesn't look cluttered. It's also an excellent place to read due to the Ott lamp.

Since I mentioned cross stitching, here is a fun solution for winding DMC floss around those little cardboard thimbles. I use a glass insulator from old telephone poles to hold the floss as I wind onto the cardboard. Works really well for me.

By the way, Beloved spent nearly half of his adult working years with the phone company after his aerospace career. This glass insulator is my personal souvenir  from that chapter of our lives. 

But one more thing in the area of home decor, that shelf I bought at Hobby Lobby is now hanging in The Flamingo Room:

This is the upstairs bathroom, just outside the sewing room. Hardly anyone uses this bathroom since it's off the beaten path of the rest of the house, so I have felt free to give it a rather froofroo designation. I'll probably add more to it as time and inspiration hit. But for now, I've got a good place for the tissue box and sea shell (so the small countertop is not cluttered)

As I move toward the close of this particular blog post, I want to share these gorgeous pictures posted this week by our second son, Web Designer, on Face Book. He and The Lil' Red-haired Girl got away for some riding time in Southern Colorado.

photo by my kids

photo by my kids

photo by my kids

I share these pictures to help alleviate something I said in a past post. One of my [Colorado] readers felt I had besmirched the reputation of my former home state when I commented on the brown landscapes of the semi-arid climate. Of course, ALL of Colorado is not brown and sprinkled with tumble weeds, and these pictures prove that. However, I lived in a much more rocky, dry, often parched area than the more farm-friendly soil of this reader's home, so I do know whereof I was speaking.

As we are reminded to "give thanks in everything," this week has been a real test of that for me. Just in the past couple of days, two of my friends (one a blogging friend and one who has been very close to me for some 16 years) got news of cancer requiring serious treatments. Another good friend from church youth group days has recently completed chemo and is now on maintenance treatments for the foreseeable future. All three of these ladies are within 3-5 years of my age. 

I am starting to see a pattern here; this is what happens as we age. Our "earth suits" are wearing out and often cannot handle the uglies of life as effectively any more. We are forced to come to terms (if we have not previously) with the fact that the physical body is not who we are. It's the spirit soul within us that comprises us. This body will wear out and eventually die. But it's our spirit, our soul, that lives on for eternity.

Are we ready for the demise of the "earth suit"? Are we ready to face what lies beyond the grave? Do we know of a certainty that if we die tonight, we will be standing before God at Heaven's Gate?  Do we have an answer for the sure question, "Why should I let you into my Heaven?"

As I am encouraged to "give thanks in everything" I know those questions are answered for me and I am thankful that even when the hard times hit, this is not the end. It's only a temporary station in our eternal existence.


  1. I like the addition of Beloved's desk in your living room area. Love the vinyl expression you added above the sofa. I do enjoy seeing snippets of your home d├ęcor; super ideas. Wishing you a peaceful weekend!

  2. Barbara I love all your decorating and using the larger plates behind the smaller ones was genius and saved you money as well. Hope you get your lawn sorted out soon. So true what you said about our Earth Suits. We are wearing out and some days are discouraging but having a thankful heart is good medicine for that.

  3. I just have so much to say:) Haha! That soup looks delicious. Welcome to Florida and grass woes here. I hate that we have to use a pest control place on the lawn, but without that nasty little pest will eat all your grass. So that earthing (walking barefooted) that is supposed to be good for you can be a problem when you have to have the yard sprayed regularly. Sounds like I am complaining. I do love my Florida.
    I simply love how you are making the home y'all's. The desk is a wonderful addition to the living room. I know what you mean about TV. I just stitch while Jeff surfs and complains about nothing being on TV. :) I love the plates. That was just the right touch with the quote.
    The pictures of the kids in Colorado are so pretty. I am guessing they aren't moving to Florida any time soon?!
    And yes, our bodies will wear out soon. With my health issues a few years back I just try to never take good health for granted. IT is indeed a blessing to have it. Enjoy this wet weekend. Sometimes a little inside time is good for us...not sure about my man though. He gets a little stir crazy.

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see the landscape when it is finished! I'm sure it will look wonderful!

    And, I love that stencil art; I've always wanted to try it!:)

    Blessings, Net

  5. Always fun to see your latest additions/changes as you get settled in your new home, Barbara! Love the vinyl art--what a great idea. I've never tried it, but am thinking that it might work in one of my guest bedrooms :)

    Glad you found a perfect place to sitch on the main floor. I usually stitch in the family room while I half-listen to the television while my husband does one of his crossword puzzles--just nice to be with each other, isn't it?

    Good luck with drying out and the impending landscaping! Can't wait to see the final results!

  6. So encouraged by this post, I too have been trying to be more thankful in all situations.
    I like the vinyl artwork.I like that it is so inexpensive but lovely.
    So happy you found the right place to create, I have been wanting to get back to cross stitching but find it hard to do this time of year.
    We finally got some much needed rain in our area too! Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Wonderful message today, Barbara! Thank you for the final words, helping us to focus on the real life that is yet to come in the "hereafter". I like the concept of letting go of our "earth suit" as we prepare for our heavenly garments. Yes, "In Everything Give Thanks" is a suitable message for your wall, and I love the plates, and the desk! What a great idea! It fits perfectly in that spot, and I know you like being near hubby instead of tucked away upstairs alone in the evenings especially. Love your pink flamingo bathroom. It's perfect for Florida! And I know your new landscaping will be lovely when complete. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Oh, and I love the photos of your kids riding horseback in that beautiful backdrop of the Colorado mountains and woods. So lovely. Thank you for this uplifting post this morning!! Have a blessed Sunday!!

  8. I am a firm believer we all will stand in front of God and answer for our sins and there is no fooling him, as he already knows the truth (can you tell you we discuss this a lot? grin).

    I always enjoy your posts sweet friend. Waving to Tom.

  9. Barbara, I love your creativity and eye for design. The "in everything give thanks" really appeals to me! Maybe I'll have to make a visit to Hobby Lobby soon.
    And yes, these earthly shells will wear thin and wear out, but we have the eternal promise of life with the Lord when it's our time to pass. Have a blessed week!

  10. Yes these earthly shells are not our forever homes, and my friends and I are noticing signs of wear and tear for sure. I just re-read C.S. Lewis' fiction take on heaven, The Great Divorce.

  11. Cant wait to see your finished landscape. What beautiful pics of your kiddos in Colorado. Indeed, in all things give thanks but that can sure be very hard at times. I'm so thankful that this world is not my home, I'm just a traveling through. Have a wonderful week!

  12. Hello Barbara. Happy to see that you are tweaking things so that they work better for you in your daily routines. I like what you did with the plate rack. The photos from Colorado are beautiful. It's always a shock to hear about our friends who have been diagnosed with life threatening conditions. I've been praying more and more that Jesus will return soon...

  13. We are starting to get more of those summer time showers. I hope you can get your landscaping done. I know it will look nice. Everything grows so well here! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane