Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Reporting on the Landscape Project

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places ...
Psalm 16:6a

"Before" (picture taken on Memorial Day)

Another goal with regard to this house has been crossed off the "To Do" list. 

painted lines made by the contractor

It continues to be an interesting study for us to compare how things are done by Florida homeowners in comparison to Colorado. Climate, cost of living, and lifestyles make a significant difference. Season of life (i.e. young newlyweds versus the retirement years) also plays into decisions made. 

orange paint lines outlining the proposed patio
Like many of our neighbors, we decided the two-car driveway was a little too narrow. And while we were pondering that, the walk up to the front door was small, too. 

It's also popular around here to have concrete curbing installed a couple of feet out from the foundation of the house with mulch or rock up next to the foundation. It's a tidy look and is very low-maintenance for retirees who are looking for simpler ways to keep the outside looking good at all times.

The back yard needed a patio, too, so we wouldn't be stepping directly onto the grass when exiting the screened-in back porch. 

Beloved got estimates from three contractors and chose the one who seems to be most popular in our community. He wasn't the lowest bid, but we could see his work is excellent and his crew dependable. 

It appears we "chose wisely" (smile -- I'm quoting a phrase from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). 

creating the curb around the back patio

The process for creating the curbing was interesting. The man in the center of the picture above would shovel the concrete mixture (already tinted to the shade of our choice) into the hopper of the machine. The man on the left would slowly pull the machine (called "Lil' Bubba") toward himself while the perfectly-formed curbing came out the back -- sorta like making sausage!  The man on the right followed along with a wagon holding more of the concrete mixture.

curbing around the front of the house and along the north side
While creating the curbing, they made drain gutters, too. The curbing started at the front of the house, went alongside the north side to the back, around the paver patio over to the south side and then back to the front of the house again.

I've added clip art hands to iindicate the design we chose
While the concrete curbs are still wet, an impression is made with a design of our choosing to add texture. 

south side of house

We had them swing out farther from the foundation on one side of the house to accommodate the heat pump and bushes. We had a Bottle Brush (Callistemon) bush planted outside the guest room window for added privacy.
(Internet photo)
One of our neighbors has planted a Bottle Brush alongside his house, positioned so I can see it perfectly from my kitchen window. We also had a much taller one in the backyard of our house in Jacksonville. It's a beautiful bush/tree (depending how you trim it) with the most gorgeous bottle-brush shaped deep red flowers that are as brightly-colored as big fat strawberries. I just love them!

completed paver patio in back yard with curbing and mulch
We brought a hot pink Geranium with us from Jacksonville (red pot) and will gradually be adding more large pots with flowers for both the front and the back areas.

a beautiful purchase from Home Depot's garden center
We've got Begonias and Caladiums transplanted from Home Depot into large pots we brought from the previous house. I'm loving all the color!

"After" picture taken last weekend
We are very pleased with what our contractor has done for us. Widening the sidewalk with the pavers just looks more welcoming.  

In this picture you can see just one milky white Magnolia flower on the tree outside of Beloved's study window. But upon closer inspection you would see many more flowers and new buds. 

Magnolia trees do very well in this part of the country. They line the mile-long median of the street entering our community and then  the rosy pink Crepe Myrtles take over as we approach the entrance gate. Once through the gate, the median is covered with the intoxicating scent of white-flowered Jasmine and more tall shade trees. To me, Jasmine (and Gardenias, too) smell like falling in love!

view of our back yard from the screened in porch with a dense row of Cedar trees providing privacy
Before I close this out, I should mention our back porch buddies. We no longer have live pets but I don't mind the statuary kind (not too many, however). Porch Puppy guarded our front door at The Brown Bungalow in Colorado and in Jacksonville. Now he sits on the bench Beloved made for me on the back porch. By the way, if he looks familiar, we bought him from Lowe's in Castle Rock. The sign hanging from his mouth says, "Welcome." I see more of his kind from time to time when I'm shopping.

My rooster is on the other end of the bench. He came from Hobby Lobby in Jacksonville and kept watch on our back porch. When we packed up to move, I positioned him carefully in one of the large plastic bins that held Christmas decorations and then promptly forgot about him! 

We had been in this house for two months before I realized he had not been unpacked. I looked for him high and low and finally remembered he was in our storage locker with the Christmas stuff, just waiting for me to come get  him!

Okay, we're done with the landscaping tour!

Until next time... Oh wait! Read on, please!

My proofreader (Beloved) just informed me that I forgot to include pictures of the driveway with it's pavers.  So here it is:


  1. I seriously love the new edging. That has not taken hold here or at least I haven't seen it anywhere. I really like the look and the patio is just wonderful. You are getting the hang of the flower selections for your neck of the woods I see. You should have pretty color just about year around. I love those bottle brush trees too. Hummingbirds like them also. We were at a family from church one time and hummingbirds were everywhere on them.
    Anyway, just love it all. Great choices.

  2. Your patio, pavers by the sidewalk and driveway and new curbs all look fabulous. I wonder if that type of curbing is available outside of Florida as I haven't seen anything like that around here. What beautiful things you are planting in pots and in the ground! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, I love the beautiful new curbing and pavers, and lovely patio! I know you will enjoy having that added space to barbeque and just be able to step out and breathe the fresh air! Love your cute little porch doggie and rooster. They had a homey, welcoming atmosphere! I wonder if you talk to them when you are out there. I'll bet you do, knowing you! I know I would too. Thank you for the tour. I do hope your bottlebrush bush will grow and prosper, and bring lots of hummingbirds and butterflies to your window!! Enjoy your lovely new landscaping. It really does help give your home a more personalized look!

  4. Love the improvements to your yard, Barbara - absolutely tasteful and attractive. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Beautiful! That company sounds familiar, might be the same one my dad used, smiles.

  6. Everything looks just beautiful! Love what you did in the front and how balanced everything looks now! And that patio...WOW! It turned out great! Nice to know about this company. They did a wonderful job! I know you are pleased. Hugs!

  7. I have never seen edging like that before and it really dresses up the driveway. Love your new patio and your "faux pets"!!

  8. Looks good.

  9. Wonderful choices you made to improve your walkways and I love that curbing. The patio design is very nice, too. Things are shaping up beautifully for you! Oh I remember from Southern California how intoxicating night blooming Jasmine is. Love it. Happy first day of summer to you!!

  10. Beautiful work Barbara. It looks wonderful. You are settling in so perfectly. I have been out of town for about five weeks and I'm just now catching up with all of my blogging friends. I will be back tomorrow to catch up on past posts while I was gone. Have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  11. It looks very classy, Barbara. All of your plants and additions make it especially your own.

  12. It all looks great. Landscape is like the "icing on the cake" to me. And, I do love the pavers, really added a nice touch. It's now a place that you and Tom will likely enjoy for a very long time. Happy week!

  13. Oh, your landscaping is really coming together, Barbara! I love the idea of the curbing--have never seen that up here, but I'm sure it makes gardening much easier. We, too, are trying to lighten our load on the outdoor work :) I guess that naturally happens as you age--my husband is even talking about cutting his vegetable garden in half!

    Enjoy this last bit of June--can hardly believe the year is half over, can you?!

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