Friday, May 22, 2020

A Post With No Name

Cedar Key, Florida

Sharing with you photos and thoughts... A Post With No Name.

Last Sunday after church and lunch, we drove out to Cedar Key, about a one and a half hour drive west of our house. 

restaurants overhanging the water
It's not the most beautiful seaside town, but it's scenic with  character.

our view as we dined
This was our second visit to both the town and to one of the cafes with an expansive view of the water that eventually stretches out to the Gulf of Mexico.

Known for its oysters, which we don't eat, Steamers serves pies and a good glass of sweet tea. I had the Key Lime and Beloved got the one made with a Snicker's candy bar.

looking for lunch in every possible direction
In addition to the tourists and the locals, the Pelicans are entertaining and everywhere. Fishermen on the dock have to watch their lines carefully lest a bird steal the catch right out from under them!

flag quilts on ladder in dining room
Changing topics here, I'm sharing a quick tour of the decor that's gracing our home as we enter this season of patriotic holidays.

large basket on kitchen island
It's not been our family's habit to decorate graves for Memorial Day mostly because we have not lived in the towns where the bodies of our loved ones are buried.

completed in 2019
But we celebrate our freedoms and remember the sacrifices with red, white, and blue throughout the interior of our home....

the back porch during late afternoon
and outside, too.

floral piks
Ever conscious of where to store out-of-season decorations, what I have tends to be small.

front porch
The Mother's Day orchid got just a little froo-froo so as to not take away from her showy white blossoms.

also on the front porch
The Spider plant with all her babies needed just a little more gilding because of her size.

entry hall arrangement
Back indoors, you can see how I prefer to tuck things into existing designs, changing things out as the seasons dictate.

sliding glass doors to back porch

This pennant garland came from JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts a couple of years ago. I just love how it adds a festive touch as soon as it's displayed. As you can see, I didn't fuss with it much, but then that casual look compliments the socks and jammie pants of Beloved as he checks email from his recliner. Again, to quote Linda C., I'm just "keeping it real"!! (smile)

a Walmart purchase
This year I added to my collection of stuff with this wreath from Walmart. If you run over there this weekend, you can probably buy one just like it for yourself.  I like it except that the first E and the O in WELCOME are painted with white and in some light, those letters don't show up!! Sometime when I have nothing else to do, I'll touch up those letters with brown paint. (but that won't be today)

As I bring this to a close, I'm sharing with you a quote from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Christian author and radio broadcaster, who has taught me much through the years. Perhaps you are familiar with her.

Anything that makes us need God is a blessing.

We would do well to turn that over in our mind. Isn't it during the hard times of life that we are most prone to seek God for answers, comfort, and relief? The awkwardness of current events is when Someone is trying to get our attention because during the good times, we are too preoccupied to pay Him attention. 

front porch decor all year 'round

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. I think you are right about looking to God for answers in difficult times...not that we will get them, of course. God does not have to tow our line.

    Looks like a very pleasant time at the shore. You went to church and to a restaurant last Sunday? I think this is the difference between your Governor and mine. Hopefully, things will ease up everywhere.

  2. We have been to Cedar Key once because we had seen a movie about the area and just wanted to satisfy our curiosity. It is a tough story of racism back in the 1920s. The town, Rosewood, is gone but you can still see some of the remains (or could when we drove up there 10 years ago (or so). Here is a link about the movie and the times, if you are interested: I love your decorations and how you are able to change for the seasons so effortlessly (so it looks!). Your white orchids are beautiful.

  3. I love that you are right there in the spirit of the holiday! Always so festive and fun! My decorations are few and far between right now. Just some red white and blue little stars around some red candles on our table on a navy blue tablecloth. And our American Flag is always outside. We spent a day at Cedar Key and enjoyed the museum that is over there. That was interesting. I think they have some good seafood chowder too at that place. We weren't too impressed with the "beach", as there really wasn't any, but it is a lovely little town. Glad you could get away!! Have a peaceful and pleasant Memorial Day weekend. My sister and hubby and my niece are coming for lunch today. So I have to get busy! bye!

  4. Absolutely love your decorations, Barbara - they are both festive and tasteful. And yes, anything that makes us realize how much we need God is a blessing.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you, my friend!

  5. My folks love Cedar Key. Wishing you and Tom a lovely weekend and thank you Tom for your service to this great country.

  6. Glad you were able to drive over to Cedar Key. A water visit is always good with some shrimp. I have put out my patriotic stitches too. I will keep them out until about mid July. I like that quote. IT is one to make you think, because not all of those blessings will feel like blessings at the time or ever. Our goal is to be closer to Him though.
    Have a good weekend. It will be a real quiet one for us over here.

  7. Barbara, thank you for the patriotic d├ęcor tour. Glad you were able to get to the water for pie and sweet tea! I love the quote you shared. Enjoy your weekend! Thinking of you!

  8. Thank you so much Barbara, for sharing this lovely Memorial Day post. I love all of your decorating ideas. But, the quote, really touched my heart. It is so true. Grace and peace to you my friend. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  9. Barbara I love your cross sitch but that quilt ladder is just amazing. I always wished I could quilt but I ended up cussing so it was not the hobby for Loved seeing a REAL sea side town. I am looking forward to Gulf Shores in September. I got out some of my Patriotic Decor but I need to go through a bit more of it and decide what I will display and what I will leave in the Craft Room. Thanks for the inspriration.

  10. I love your patriotic pretties around the house! The ladder with quilts is very beautiful! And we love driving over to Cedar's rustic but we like that better! I'm about ready for a day trip! Take care and enjoy your weekend! It's HOT! lol Hugs!

  11. You went to church last Sunday? That sounds so good. We'll see with the announcement that Trump made this week whether we will open on May 31st instead of June 7th. I can't believe I haven't pulled my red white and blue bins down. Love your front porch and that bunting. Glad you could have a nice time at the shore! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you.

  12. I missed my trip to Florida this month and I especially miss eating out at cute cafes on the water and having seafood. All your Patriotic decor is lovely. Stay safe!

  13. Your photos are wonderful. I love all your decorations. I used to decorate, but not so much now. Looks like you two had a wonderful day outing. Awesome, hugs, Edna B.

  14. Love the decor! Made me smile big today. So glad you had a great outing. Makes us feel better doesn't it? God is so good to us that is for sure. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Love all your patriotic touches. I line the front flower beds in miniature flags and that's about it here. I just do a spring and summer decor and it stays out until I put out fall. I love Nancy DeMoss, I've read several of her books and Bible Studies.

  16. The little seaside town reminds me a little of the waterfront where I grew up...Very peaceful on the water.

    Glad you are doing well, yes, God can use anything. Romans 8:28

    Lovely decorations Barbara!

  17. I enjoyed seeing your patriotic decor, Barbara--especially love that ladder with those wonderful quilts! I finally got my patriotic stitching out for Memorial Day--really surprised at how much I have accumulated through the years. It always makes me smile.

    You are lucky to have so many beautiful sights nearby in Florida. Thankfully, my yard is large and filled with wildlife and that helps me get through the lockdown here in Pennsylvania. Take care now and enjoy these last few days of May!


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