Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Afternoon Check-in

Jacksonville Beach
Lest  you are tempted to think I am thumbing my nose at you who are in the northern regions with my beach photos, let me assure  you that is not my intention at all. The fact of the matter is, most of you are writing of your delight with the advent of Autumn with the warm and tender quick breads, seasonal lattes, all things pumpkin, and unpacking the wooly sweaters. Don't think for a minute that I'm not just a bit envious.

large white waves crashing with rip tides below the surface of the Atlantic
I'm just reporting how it is here, now, in northeast Florida. Yes, we are rejoicing with the coming of Autumn here, too. Our nighttime lows are just now slipping below the 70-degree mark, and the number of highs in the mid-90s are decreasing!

sea oats with the Jacksonville Pier in the upper right hand of this photo
This is our second Autumn* in Jacksonville, and I think I'm more in tune with the local flora and fauna this year. Take for instance these sea oats we saw today. They are either drying out due to the change in seasons, or (more likely) nearly cooked to a crisp from the unusually hot September we've had, even for Florida. At any rate, they aren't nearly as pretty as they were the last time we were at the beach.

*Those who know me are aware I don't use the word "Fall" for this season because there can't be a happy FALL. Unless you are falling in love, of course. A very serious fall I had nearly ten years ago has given me a physical disability. There's an update on that later in this post.

new shoes by Earth Origins from DSW
Another sign of Autumn is that I felt compelled to buy for myself a warmer pair of sandals. Warmer, you say? Yes. I have discovered that some of my sandals are for the hottest of weather because others in my closet do not keep my feet cool enough when the temperature is way up there. 

I heard there was a good sale on at DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse), however, these were most decidedly not on sale -- a further indication to me they are appropriate for this season and not summer leftovers. But I was in search of closed-toe sandals and these were among the very few I found. They now reside in my closet.
the view from our deck table at Joe's Crab Shack
But back to the subject of the beach. As I have said in previous posts, when life gets to be too too much, one of my recourses is to invite Beloved to take me to lunch at the beach. We don't even have to walk in the sand. My psyche just needs to dine within view of the crashing waves and my sense of well-being is enhanced.  Today was one of those times.

Beloved with his burger; I ordered my usual Coconut Shrimp
and Sweet Tea, of course!!
I was finally able to see my family doctor today about the worsening pain in my shoulder (the one with the nearly ten-year old partial replacement). And at that, this was not my usual doctor, who had called in sick today. So it was a very capable other doctor on staff and I was thankful for him.

Xrays revealed that the bone and metal part seems to be intact. However, since my shoulder is a complicated matter and X-rays don't show muscle damage, this doctor is referring me to an orthopedic man and gave me a high-powered anti-inflammatory prescription to tide me over in the meantime. I expected no less but a trip to the beach was still appropriate.

me at a public library
Our business venture (still not to be revealed; sorry) is progressing very well, demanding travel, late nights, early mornings, and sometimes we just have to sit and wait. In the past two weeks I have been in public libraries in two states, biding the time in a secure place that provides free rest rooms, free WiFi, relative quiet, and excellent lighting for my cross stitch. 

my own cross stitch niche
While I am immensely thankful for a sewing room where I can spread out all of my fabrics, threads, tools, and watch TV, this current stage of my life requires I consolidate my stitching into a large handled plastic box so I can take it with me just about anywhere. I got the box for something else a year or so ago, probably from JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels -- not sure which.

cross stitch kit from Walmart
As you can see, I'm making progress with my bicycle. As so many of you have said to me, cross stitching is relaxing. It's been another stressful week with the national news. We pray, wait on the Lord for answers, and busy ourselves with absorbing projects. 

Flosstube personalities
Have I said anything yet about Flosstube? If you love cross stitch, then you simply must check this out. Just use your browser to search Flosstube and you will be overwhelmed with all the people who have felt the need to talk to you about their projects. I mean, it's overwhelming how many people want to sit in front of their little cameras and talk for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour about their sewing, their lives, their problems, and on and on. 

Whereas I have wondered countless times over the past 9+ years as to why I feel the need to journal on the Internet via this blog, I don't have any desire to do it via live video! But to each their own.

These Flosstubers, as I call them, are my usual companions when I am stitching at home. I even talk back to them when I feel it's warranted. They each have their own personalities from funny, serious, and sometimes so rowdy that I have to turn them off. 

Update on my short haircut: thanks to those of you who have said such kind things to me. That helps.  You can't see the worst of it on the back of my head; but thanks all the same. It's always a blessing to see gals supporting each other instead of being snitty, as the carnal female tends to do.

It's been 4 weeks since the shearing took place, so I can now grab onto it a little better and soon might be able to style it with a round brush and/or curling iron. (I know, I'm so vain; but I'm not alone!)

Beloved and I are doing our best to stay in close touch with the Lord as we consider matters of late. One of Dr. Charles Stanley's devotionals struck a chord with me this morning when he shared Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

And then this from J.I. Packer's book, Knowing and Doing the Will of God: "Wisdom will always be given if we are humble and docile enough to receive it." Docile enough to receive it. Yes, Lord. I'm listening.

Until next time ...


Charles F. Stanley, page 292 of Into His Presence.


  1. Seriously have my curiosity up. I see you are learning the secret to Autumn in Florida. Summery clothing in Autumn colors. I love the shoes. I don't wear as many open toed shoes for vain reasons, so I really am attracted to those.
    Your stitching project is coming right along.
    I know the Lord will lead you in the direction you are to go.
    I am still having trouble with my blogger account. I can't post with my google account. Have no clue as to why.

  2. As you know, I enjoy Dr. Stanley's daily devotional too. I LOVE your new sandals and always those beach views! Seafood with a view of the 'sea' is the best!! Praying for you and your venture!!

  3. Mystery continues!

  4. While I am not a fan of the heat, I love your beach pictures. Nice score on the closed toe sandals! Your meal of coconut shrimp looked fabulous. Good progress on your stitch! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. The ocean really does provide many with that wonderful sense of calm. Perhaps it is the repetition of the waves. Is there also a fresh aroma? Here, I must get to the ocean every now and again for the waves, the sounds, and the smell.

    Cute shoes! Hope that you get some relief from that shoulder pain. What an annoyance that must be.

    You are making us all very curious with this hanging out in libraries hither and yon. 🤓

  6. So much going on in your life. Praying for your shoulder first of all, that there will be a pain-less resolution. God is able. Regarding your trip to the beach...I understand your need...I feel the same way about our lakes. I also love the ocean, but we just don't get over there very often anymore. It's only a little over an hour away, but I guess the "call" isn't loud enough to warrant a trip very often. I do love it, tho. Regarding your is looking good, (from what I can see), and soon you will be loving it again. I am letting mine grow out until I can decide if I want a body perm to help it have some "body" again... Love your cross-stitch, and that you are able to take it along with you and enjoy it wherever you are. Never would have thought about the library, however! Your sandals are very "autumnish" in color...perfect for the season. Praying for your business venture, that it will be all in God's perfect plan and timing, and that He will direct your paths each step of the way. I revealed our big "plan" in my blog yesterday. Also a BIG challenge for us in our "old" age! LOL. Praying for you...and perhaps one day we will connect in our journeys about the great state of Florida.

  7. Oh, I find myself thinking of you and Tom often and praying for God's guidance and wisdom for you at this time. Of course, I can hardly wait to hear what it's all about. :o)) I'm sure hoping there's nothing serious wrong with your shoulder. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.

  8. Hmm....wonder what your business venture is, smiles.😊 I just love those shoes.

    Keeping you and Tom in prayer.💗

  9. What a great post...wishing lots of luck on your shoulder...hoping they can ease the pain. Have you noticed yet that "getting old is not for sissies"? Since I have reached the 80 years, more things seem to be going downhill...I am just thankful God loves me enuf to keep taking care of me. xoxo

  10. I sure hope you can get long term relief for your shoulder. I'm a huge fan of Mayo Clinic nearby in Rochester. They diagnosed a problem with my hip replacement that had caused severe pain for two years, (one a local Ortho doc put in) then the top Ortho doctor at Mayo put in a new implant and two more years later I'm doing great. In the meantime, three other doctors misdiagnosed the source of the pain. Anyway, that beach looks lovely! It's supposed to be 28°F here Friday morning, so that sand is looking good to me. How I would love to wiggle my toes in it!! Instead, I'll be wearing polar fleece!

  11. I enjoyed reading this post so much. Your pictures of the beautiful Florida beach is lovely. I have family living in the area and have visited many times. I live in rural New England, and yes, we have all the pretty falling leaves of autumn. But the different scenery throughout the country, at different times of the year, is a blessing to see.

    Your lunch at the beach looks delicious! I hope your shoulder is feeling much better today.

    The inspiring words of Charles Stanley and J.I. Packer are comforting.

    God bless you!

  12. Hi Barbara, I was wondering why I seemed to miss your updates, and when I checked my Bloglovin roll your blog was removed, I'm thinking it was when you changed to the official matching blog name. I'm also not receiving email updates so I guess I better re-sub to that too. Goodness! So sorry!

    Well I knew it wasn't like you not to blog so I checked in sister! lol

    I'm sorry your shoulder is causing you trouble, that's no fun at all. I'll certainly be praying.

    I really like those sandals, those are my style. I have a pair with the closed toe that are the Earth Origins brand from Walmart actually and I just love them. I even wore mine with jeans and a tunic to a fall festival last weekend. You will enjoy those sandals! : )

    It looks like you are taking everything in stride and trusting the Lord. Thank you for sharing the scriptures and devotionals. I look forward to hearing about your new venture. Life is truly an adventure, we all have such seasons not only in nature but in Life too.

    Hugs to you, Looking forward to another update! : )


  13. Yikes, I'm so behind. I do hope to catch up soon on your current posts. Sorry your shoulder is causing you pain. Glad that you find respite and solace at the beach.

  14. Barbara we are finding things to enjoy in Florida in Autumn too. We have been going back and forth to Flagler Beach this month. We go for about five days and then come back to Gainesville for two for doctor appointments etc. Loving every minute we get to spend at the beach and I can see you enjoy it very much too.

    Love coconut shrimp...your dish looks great!

    You have my curiosity up about the new venture. I hope you can tell us soon. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever