Monday, December 3, 2018

The Hanging of the Green and Posting of the Cards

"Hanging of the Green" is a Christmas tradition at the church we attend. It's the ushering in of the season with music from our children and youth choirs on the first Sunday in December.

graphic on my shirt
It was the perfect opportunity for me to wear a shirt I save for this wonderful time of year.

stairs to the balcony
I don't know that I've shared pictures from the inside of my church building. This is one of the largest churches we have attended and it's been a very enjoyable experience. 

this is about 1/5 of the sanctuary
It is the warmth and sweet spirit of Jesus in the members that make a church grow and endear itself to the people. But I have to say in all honesty that beautiful architecture and a big loud organ do a lot for me, too.

two sets of stained glass windows in the worship center
The pews are arranged in a large semi-circular fashion. We usually sit on a far side close to one set of these windows and can see the other set straight ahead of us, across the sanctuary. 

the baptistry
For the Hanging of the Green service, tinted lights were directed toward the choir loft and baptistry. The hanging lanterns are an addition for Christmas.

the Crismon tree

The Crismon* tree is probably at least 12 feet tall, standing in the church narthex (foyer) near that staircase in the third photo above. The decorating committee hung the ornaments on the higher branches and at the end of the Hanging of the Green service, the congregation was invited to finish decorating the lower branches.

Crismon ornaments

These Crismon ornaments are made with white styrofoam, gold and white pearl beads, other trims and sequins with braided gold trim for hanging on the tree branches.

The service was a beautiful evening event with the children and youth choirs, flute and piano music, special readings from both the Old and New Testaments, carol singing, and prayer.

our tree at home
While I'm blogging about Christmas decorations, I'll put in a few pictures from my home. As my faithful readers already know, we are packing up for a move in a couple of months and I'm recovering from a painful case of biceps tendonitis, so decorating our usual 6-foot tree held little appeal for me this year.

This small table-top tree is leftover from our dining room last year. When packing it away last December, I just put a big black trash bag over the top, used a twist tie at the base to close it up, and stuck it on a shelf in a closet. There's a lot to be said for simplifying things!

ceramic tree from Hobby Lobby at 40% off
We also have a cute little ceramic tree in the breakfast nook that doesn't provide much light at all but is a cheerful addition nonetheless.

card holder basket
I bought this wire basket and used twine to tie the sign to the front. This is where we'll collect the Christmas cards and newsletters as they come in.

Today our Christmas newsletter was completed and I hope to have our cards into the mail later this week. We used Zazzle this year to print up photo cards with a Bible verse.

I prefer to do all my Christmas greetings via social media because it costs $nothing!!! but after having done that for the past several years, I realize not everybody relates well to that; and there are some, the elderly in particular, who don't use the Internet. So we're greeting via snail mail, Face Book, email, and this blog.

* Crismons are Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them. They help Christians to remember that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birthday. They are often used on Christmas trees in churches and in the homes of Christians. For more information, click on this link:


  1. The church is very lovely. I am glad you included the link for the Chrismons. I actually didn't know where it originated so that was an interesting read.I can totally understand your not wanting to deal with the big tree.
    I really need to rethink my Christmas cards. I don't send nearly as many as in the past, but I have a few relatives that like that card each year. The last two years I have just printed a photo of the family from Thanksgiving and stuck it in. My daughter told me I needed to do one of just the hubby, the dogs and me. The younger generation is doing a much better job of cards than me. I think it is the picture thing.

  2. Your church is just beautiful! I know you have enjoyed fellowship there and will miss it when you move. I love your little table tree (both, actually) and your Christmas greeting card is great! Good idea!!

  3. Beautiful church! I have not attended a church with an organ since I was a child. Wonder if I might enjoy that myself. ☺ Your home looks lovely...just the right amount of sparkle for a couple on the move.

  4. Your church is beautiful. A church I attended some years ago celebrated the Hanging of the Green. I was unfamiliar with crismons so I visited the site you provided and found it all so very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures inside your church. I love the stained glass windows, depicted events in the life of Christ. I also love the tradition of the "Hanging of the Greens"...It's wonderful to get the whole church family, young and old, involved in the celebration. I also love the idea of the Chrismon tree. Your little tree is perfect for you at this season in your life. I was going to do the same thing, since we are in a similar state of planning to move, but a rainy, dark day this past weekend had me hankering to put up our tree, and so I did. Now if our house sells soon, it will have to come down, but we are enjoying it in the meantime while we wait. I also send out a Christmas letter each year. I tried just doing it by social media, but realized as well that there are many who do not get that...and so I have continued the tradition of sending it out, although my list has gone down considerably. I mostly send it to those I don't hear from all year long on social media. Speaking of which, I'd better get to work on that. I was hoping to have some more news about our move before sending, but no new news yet!! I always look forward to your posts. I am learning many things about being more organized in my approach to "life" and moving as I see you planning and putting things into perspective so well. Thank you for being a "guiding light" in this process!! Praying for you as you continue in your plans each day.

  6. So lovely Barbara, I know what you are speaking of and you sound just like me! : ) Even large churches can be warm and friendly if the love of Jesus is in the hearts there. The old historical Methodist in downtown is very much like you described and we would sit in the balcony across from the beautiful stained glass of Jesus with His little lambs. Unfortunately a different leadership has come in the last years and we don't feel very comfortable there because of liberal things, others have sadly left too. They too do the greens, and I just adore it. So lovely!

    Such a cute theme in your home there, you and your hubby are very cute.

    I enjoyed my visit with you this morning as I listen to Nat King Cole and sit my coffee. <3

  7. What a beautiful church and service you shared! Thank you for the link to Crismons. I like your Christmas card. Thinking of you as you move into this holiday season along with prepping for your move.

  8. Your church is set up in the same semi circle that ours is Barbara. We always sit on the right side next to the choir because I love to sing along with them. You have done so much with your move approaching too. Your Christmas cards are lovely and I know everyone will be happy to receive one. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Your church is beautiful! Thank you for sharing pictures. Hanging of the Green sounds like a lovely tradition. Love your Christmas card too!