Thursday, June 13, 2019

Men in My Life

(left to right) Beloved, Gray Beard, Web Designer, and Surfer Boy
(aka) my husband, our son #1, our son #2, and our son-in-law

Another Father's Day weekend is here. What I can say that I haven't already shared? 

Pictures. I'll share fun pictures of some of the men in my life.  

First, of course is the very first man to hold my heart, who taught me the basics of life and launched me into adulthood...

Daddy walked me down the aisle
After a few boyfriends in my teen years, I met this one just out of high school ...

Beloved: then

He did the math to convince my daddy we could afford to get married before he completed his Bachelor's Degree and the rest is some pretty wonderful history.

Beloved: now

Also there was my father-in-law, a man who was humble and kind.

(L-R) my father-in-law, us, my parents
With the college years behind us and Beloved's new job as a Lieutenant in the Air Force, our family began with Son #1...

Son #1
I call him "Gray Beard" on this blog because ...

stuffing his birthday money into his beard
He can grow a pretty hairy face when he wants to! He's a lot like his dad in some respects and has also become an extensive  world-traveler.

About two years after his birth came Son #2 ...

Son #2
This son shares some of my interests such as cooking and artsy creativity. I refer to him on this blog as "Web Designer" because that is one of the many things he and his wife do with their home-based, free-lance careers.

Web Designer and The Lil' Red-Haired Girl
He has also become a horseman through the influence of his wife.

our son-in-law
Surfer Boy married our daughter and created a happy place in  our hearts. We love him for the way he cherishes our daughter and their children...

Surfer Boy with his son, our Grandson #4
and because he is an all-around nice guy!

There are many more good males in my family (a host of grandsons, a nephew, three nephews-in-law, and my two brothers-in-law) but I don't have enough really good pictures of all of them to do them justice, so I'll just quit here and say I am one very blessed woman to have so many good men in my life.

My prayer for every one of them is from Psalm 37:23 (NIV)

The Lord makes firm the steps 
of the one who delights in Him.


  1. Fabulous Father’s Day tributes to these men in your life.

  2. What a wonderful post!! Love seeing all the wonderful men in your life. You have been blessed with good men to love and care for you! Happy Father's Day to your beloved!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great post! I am sadly lagging this week in that:) Sweet boys all I am sure!

  4. What a lovely post, my friend. A very happy Fathers Day to your crew. smiles

  5. Darling post! Love that horse pic...How gorgeous to catch that moment!


  6. What a sweet post Barbara. You are blessed with those great guys.

  7. Barbara, you are blessed, indeed! Happy Father's Day to all the guys!

  8. Oh may the men in our lives delight in the Lord. What a great post honoring the men in your extended family. Such a blessing from God to have men in our lives who honor the Lord. Happy weekend to you and yours!

  9. Barb, I loved seeing these special men in your life!! Thanks for sharing them all with us!! May God continue to bless them all!

  10. Such a lovely Father's Day tribute!! You have been blessed!! Mary

  11. Looks and sounds like some fine men to me. What a blessing!

  12. Oh Barbara I so enjoyed this post and getting to meet the men in your life. You are very blessed. I did not know you were an Air Force family. How long did your husband stay in? Your wedding photos are wonderful...what a beautiful couple you made then and now. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever