Sunday, May 31, 2020

Moving Into June 2020

design adapted from Stoney Creek Towels of the Month
Book 462
design completed in 2019 
Wow. Where does one begin when life is so, so .... eventful, awful, wonderful, baffling (and a lot of other descriptives)?  

bear from daughter-in-law in our dining room
I doubt I am alone in the blogging community as I wonder how to share the good stuff when there is so much hurt and fear.  I don't want to be disrespectful nor minimizing of the hardships we are all facing (to one extent or another). But at the same time, my readers absolutely do not need one more rant-filled editorial about current events.
a re-run here: sharing again the beach chair and sunshine design
by Rovaris with the addition of a verse that
brightens my attitude during the hard days
I'll just go with what's become my form of blogging over recent months -- sharing lots of pictures from the past week or so in an attempt to journal (for myself), share ideas, and maybe put a chuckle on your lips -- all meant to be a pleasing distraction for a few minutes and maybe serve as inspiration for us to be people of hope.

Beloved's generator and cover
Since I've just referenced the hard times in our nation and Hurricane season (June 1 - November 30) begins in a couple of hours (!!!),  I'll show you some of what Beloved's been up to. He ordered a really nice cover for his generator because you're not supposed to run it inside the garage, but the chances are at least 50/50 it will be raining outside when it's running and you're supposed to protect the thing from the rain. Yes, I know that's a run-on sentence, but that sort of illustrates how one thing led to another and then to another. 

He got the cover but then couldn't easily see some of the controls, so then he ordered a clear piece to replace a solid piece so he can now (1) run the generator in the rain, and (2) read the controls while standing in the rain. Makes sense. We're ready. 

flag collage
Regarding this flag collage, I can be a stickler for certain details. Not all of Beloved's projects are his idea. We had an aluminum/gray flag pole bracket with a matching pole for our flag. When the flag was not flying, the bracket was there all by itself in that highly visible portion of our house and I just didn't like the look. One of my neighbors has something similar and she chose to hang a very nice wreath on the bracket but I didn't want to do that. 

We found a black flag bracket online and Beloved humored me with the purchase of a black flag pole. This past week he installed it all and I am completely satisfied. He also put a solar light in the ground below the flag so now we can leave the flag up all the time. ("Happy wife happy life", as they say)

completed on May 30th
Making a segue into more patriotic things, here's one of my most recent cross stitch finishes. This design was a delight. I love the blue floss of the bird and the contrasts of the red and white against the beige Aida cloth (14 count).

the Blessed art work is a project made at
our community center last summer --
back in the good ol' days when
socialization was encouraged
My stitchy friends may remember that Beloved gave me a big handful of the Heart in Hand cross stitch bird patterns this past Christmas, so I'm gradually going through them. This pattern called for a small ceramic flag button, which I didn't have, so I spaced out the stars in such a way that there is not a big bare spot. I also added the year of completion.

Spring by Heart in Hand
completed earlier this year
You may also remember I posted this one at the beginning of spring, commenting that the entire time I was working on that big brown thing, I thought it was a bee skep (several of you commented you had thought the same thing). 

Turns out with those black crack lines and the nesting materials at the bottom it finally occurred to me the brown thing is the bird's egg!!! (duh!!!) The pattern had a tiny ceramic button of a dragon fly, which I also did not have. Just today I found a pattern for a bee and so I added that. 

For those reasons, it's a confusing piece of art, but I'm okay with it and will now just leave well enough alone.

"Told in a Garden" design by Country Woman
made into a Birthday card 
I've been saving this photo for months to share with you. It's a birthday card for my eldest granddaughter, who is now 18 years old! She is a lovely girl, so pretty and feminine, and always does the nicest things with her very long brown hair. She loved the card when we gave it to her a couple of weeks ago.

In 1988 I made this design and framed it to hang above my bedside night stand. So now I've made this twice!

where the kitchen transforms
to the family room
This week we got into more socialization, both outside of the home and inside. My staff decided it might be safe to leave the confines of the upstairs sewing room to join Mandy Sue here on the main floor. I found a place for them where they are easily accessible when there is a task for them to do. 

my Staff
Mandy Sue is the only one wearing a mask. The rest may or may not get masks... it's not a high priority on my To Do List as I am very hopeful the worst of this thing is behind us.

Please note that I still have "Rent-a-Nurse" on my staff (she's the very short little gal standing directly in front of Mandy Sue's pink cupcake apron). "Rent-a-Nurse" served us well years ago when Beloved had his knee replacement, so we have kept her on retainer. During this pandemic she's been a comfort to have around.

Spud has been privileged to get a little more attention than the rest of them. Surfer Girl, Surfer Boy, Grandson #4 and Granddaughter #5 came here for lunch on Memorial Day. We have a shoe box of parts for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Spud, of course, does not live in that box, since he is Grandad's right hand man, but we put him out with the shoe box so young people could play with him. We took this snapshot of him before company arrived so that after the visit was over, we'd remember exactly what parts were his. He was a very good sport about it all.

Internet photo
My last piece of exciting news is to share our take on the successful SpaceX launch of the two astronauts into orbit on Saturday. Living only 130 miles from the launch site, we could not help but get caught up in all the excitement about this first manned launch in 9 years from American soil. 

the view of the launch from our front porch
We made no attempt to drive to the Atlantic coast to see it since we eschew crowds for the most part and also because the weather reports for a successful launch were pretty discouraging. 

Beloved watches the launch on his iPad
from our front sidewalk
We had seen an unmanned launch from our front yard some months ago, so when the time came for this launch, Beloved tuned in his iPad to our TV station and we stood outside watching both the iPad and the sky, hoping to catch site of the fireball in the distance.

TV coverage of the SpaceX launch
It was a good idea, but the clouds that had been threatening the launch hid the fireball from us and we saw only what was on our electronics.  Ah well, that's okay. We are just thankful the second attempt was successful. It was still a thrilling, teary-eyed experience.

I'm closing this post with a verse that calms my heart during these challenging times. I hope it will bless you as well but that can only happen if you have asked the  Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and to live in your heart. He is real, His message of salvation is real, and genuine, lasting peace comes only through Him. 

[Jesus is our] anchor for the soul, firm, and secure.
Hebrews 6:19

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. So much ranting and world problem solving going on at present that it is so good to have places where we can read of other things. That rocket launch was so amazing and I'm glad we were able to sit and enjoy it. Happy birthday to your 18 year old granddaughter. We are the masters of one thing leads to another here at our country bungalow. We are contemplating the need for a generator here. Smart to get a cover for it. We were at a home last Saturday and they had a shed that housed their generator. So impressive. Happy last day of May to you. Praying that June will bring some relief to our country...

  2. Thank you for your lovely post, Barbara. I agree with you. Right now I am enjoying seeing normal, nice things just before I lay my head on my pillow.

  3. Love your post today, so full of cute and sweet and excitement! We need more of that kind of "good news"! I'm glad to see your "Staff" is able to enjoy some of the fun in your days as they watch from their "office" in the kitchen. That makes more sense than being stuck away upstairs all the time. And I'm glad that "Spud" got some special attention from the grandkids. I hope he is appropriately all put together again! Sometimes we all need to just let loose a bit and have some fun! We've been cooped up too long!! I like your generator cover. We never knew you were supposed to keep it covered. We will have to figure that out IF the time comes. Praying it doesn't happen! For now ours is quite happy to stay in the shed until needed. But I will mention that to hubby and see what he says... Love your flag and holder. We recently had to replace our flag and holder...they were worn out! Have a blessed and wonderful day/week. And yes, we are praying for our nation always. Just too much going on to deal with anymore, so we just have to pray and leave it in God's capable hands. Amen.

  4. I love your June wreath and the July bird is charming, I have a few of those patterns that you have reminded me I need to stitch. I keep my porch light on in the evening since I have a flag hanging but the solar light is a better idea!! Stay safe!!

  5. Barbara, thank you for sharing such lovely photos and commentary that lift the spirit and cheer the soul. Goodness knows, we all need that cheer and beauty right now. I know I do!
    Blessings to you and Beloved!

  6. Hi Barbara, I love the little bear on the wreath! Soooo koot. <3

    Your staff is adorable, and I think I may have to make a staff too. I have an American Girl doll I had bought myself (used) so I could play with my youngest daughter as she played with hers, my dolly is cooped up somewhere and I need to get her out! I love the little curtained table top too, I need to do that in my studio.

    Praying for our country, my heart broke over what happened. How in the world can people be so evil, and now terrorism from within is using it to do more evil.

    ...But you are correct. We can have that Peace that passeth all understanding through Jesus as we show love to others and live with wisdom and discernment. God is bigger.

    I hope you have a sweet Monday, may lift our great country up in prayer.


  7. You have found a pleasing balance in all things alarming and awful and all things bright and beautiful. I enjoy your humor as well!

  8. This was a very nice post, Honey! Let me add to it some information about the generator cover for those who want to pass the idea on to their "handyman". The cover is made by GenTent [go to] and is made to keep the generator dry so it can operate in the rain. It attaches to the frame of the generator and will stay in place with winds up to 70 mph. My cover and clear panel cost $165 with free shipping. It assembles in maybe 10 minutes.

  9. Your June wreath and your July bird finishes are darling. Well done on both! I like the beach chair with the verse you stitched.

    Thank you for sharing the verse at the end of your post, Barbara! I continue to pray for our country, our communities, and those around me.

  10. Love that wreath Barbara and oh my! Mr. Potato head sure brought back lots of memories for me. Prayers abounding daily dear lady! I just keep wondering when that Eastern sky is going to light up!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Your Staff are so cute. I did not know that there were covers for generators. Maybe I should get one. I do have our generator in the shed, but there are two open windows there. I do like your bird pattern. It goes well with all the seasons. And I love your flag! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  12. I just love your July long-legged bird finish, Barb! I stitched that one a few years back and he is definitely my favorite bird in that series. Your wreath turned out great, too. I can't hang wreaths on my front door anymore as we always get birds building nests and laying eggs in them when we do. Have given up for now :)

    Glad you have a good generator and cover--no doubt that is most important in Florida! We talked about getting one--even got the hookup, but no generator as of yet. Take care now and have a wonderful week ahead ♥

  13. You've gotten a lot done lately! Love the flag hanging from your home. We have a place to put ours on the back of our light post out front so that makes it handy to take it in sometimes. The launch was exciting. And I'm glad you got a cover for the generator, that's a great idea. Love your stitching projects too. The egg? I missed that too! Hugs from across the way, Diane

  14. Looks as though hurricane season is coming in with a bang this year with one about to get in the Gulf and look at us. Go away I say! Jeff was getting out generator in order this weekend and I pretty much stay in a constant state of readiness, but I do think I need to grab some batteries for the radio. Mother has been in the hospital but is out and on the mend so I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on. I did get home to enjoy the launch fully engrossed in front of my TV and computer. I would have been so sad to have missed it being the space nerd I am. Mother and I went down before I quit teaching and the shuttles stopped to witness a launch. It was a amazing and a fun memory for us. I love all the stitches of course. Take care!

  15. Thank you for not "ranting" (though I have never known you to rant!). I am sick at heart and so tired of the hate. Barb, I love seeing your projects! You are so talented and creative. I am happy the kids/grands got to visit over the Memorial Day holiday!! We missed seeing the launch but it is an exciting time. Our generator is under the carport (chained & locked) and we can run it there so no cover but we feel blessed to have it. Love to you and to Tom!!

  16. Barbara, thank you for such a delightful blog post today. I just love your staff, they just bring so much joy:) And the Bible Verse that you shared was just perfect. Thank you

  17. Barbara, I so enjoyed your photographs and week update. Those wreaths are so adorable! I hope that the weather doesn't burden you this hurricane season. Blessings! Gina

  18. I enjoyed seeing your stitching photos! Lovely job! Yes, it is hard to share joyful things in this trying time, but then, that's just what the devil wants, isn't it? Share away and keep bearing the Light!

  19. Another uplifting post to brighten my day! May I ask where you purchased the stand for your cross stitch of beach chair and scripture? Thank you!

    1. Nancy, I'm not sure where I bought the stand but it was probably Hobby Lobby. Second guess would be Joanne's Fabrics and Crafts -- several months ago.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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