Sunday, April 11, 2021

Details From the Days

Well, from some of my days, anyway. 

I no longer store my suitcases up high in the closet because I'm getting a lot of use out of them. The larger one is called into duty the most; one day this week I took a much shorter trip, so the smaller one was sufficient. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Monday I got my second COVID vaccine (Pfizer) and had no unfavorable reactions. I had to hurry home from my Easter trip to show up in time for the appointment and in my haste I left my hard-copy Daytimer in the guest room. Blondie was kind enough to take snapshots and send to me the pages I needed to guide me between then and my next visit, so I appreciated that. Yes, I keep a calendar on my laptop computer and my phone, but many of us in my generation also prefer a paper copy as well. I have felt a little lost this week without it.

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl at Subway

While I don't go to real sit-down restaurants by myself these days, I've become comfortable with treating myself to meals at Chick-fil-a, Panera, Panda Express, and Subway. This week I tried Subway's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl and loved it.

A couple days later Surfer Girl came to visit me for the day and to spend one night. I took her to Mojo's, an eclectic place here in town that's cheerful, fun, and has a good menu. There are two locations in town. I took her to the original one last November. This time we went to the one that is closer to my house, and just as much fun. She had the Mahi Fish Tacos and I had a Build-Your-Burger. (Since I've lost so much unplanned weight these past several months, I am feeling free to order some things I normally don't.)

On our way home back to my house from Mojo's, I made an impulsive decision to take Surfer Girl over to our town's new World Equestrian Center that opened in January. I've taken several of my out-ot-town guests there, but I have to say, this time was the most fun. Next to the big outdoor horse arena there was a Motown band playing cheerful music while people sat around on benches taking in the beautiful springtime evening. Many of them were couples.

We felt free to walk just about anywhere, including inside the stables. Several of the horses called out to us, so we got close enough to speak pleasant words of greeting. We knew to not touch them (although we were sorely tempted). Every one of them behaved like they wanted more attention from us than we felt free to give.

As we were walking past the live band, it was announced they were going to play one of the all-time most romantic tunes around and encouraged people to get up and dance. I stood still long enough to find out what that song might be. "At Last" by Etta James.  That was enough. I couldn't stay to listen. My grief is still too raw for that. We walked back to the car and went home.

The next morning Surfer Girl had some shopping to do in my town, but I had prior plans. I loaded my overnight bag into my car and headed south a couple of hours to visit ...

Your Friend From Florida

Many of you know Terri. She and I have been blogging friends since a couple of years before I ever dreamed I'd be moving back to Florida. We've met in person several times since then but this visit was, well, we needed to do it. Both of us are recently widowed, both of us knew each other's husband, and we just needed face-to-face time to share, comfort, and make some new memories.

We both had been wanting to get together for lunch but then she suggested I come spend a night and we could go to her church together the next day. So that's what we did. Per my request, we had a late lunch/early supper at Shells Seafood in her town.

While scanning the menu, it came out that both of our husbands loved clam chowder and she said this place had the very best. So before enjoying our entrees, we each got a cup of the chowder to 'toast' our guys. 

Mrs. Swan on her nest

Over a year ago Beloved and I had driven down to visit Terri and Joe. They took us past the famous swans in one of their lakes. Queen Elizabeth donated the swans to this town many years ago. I asked Terri if we could go see them again, this time parking the car and getting up close.

a black swan

The first swan we saw was sitting on her nest of eggs, so we kept our distance. There were many swans, some of them were black!

This one had tucked in its beak and was taking a nap, seeming oblivious to those of us who were walking so close by.

The entire area is so beautiful with water, clouds in the sky, a big variety of birds all around. These Cypress trees with the odd roots in the water fascinated me.

As we were leaving we saw this goose bossing around the ducks. He was quite noisy, very opinionated, apparently!

After visiting the swans, we drove a very short distance to Hollis Garden, which Terri included on her blog this past Friday with another friend. (click here to see that)

Saturday evening we parked ourselves in front of the TV to watch episodes of "Somebody Feed Phil." It's a food and travelogue by a most entertaining guy named Phil. We watched, I don't know, maybe 5 episodes? It was great entertainment.

On Sunday morning we worshipped together at Terri's church, which had great music and a sermon that blessed us. One of the first points that came out, even before the actual sermon, was the words of Job in the Old Testament who said, "Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?" (Job 2:10)

I turned that over in my mind a lot this afternoon as I drove home. A memory came to me of my children when they were babies. They loved me and trusted me because they are mine and I took good care of them. But then the time came when I would take them to the doctor for their immunizations. The screaming and angry looks they would give me for subjecting them to those needles -- they did not like that!!

Is not the pain of my loss something like that? If I am pleased with God for all the good I see Him doing for me, shouldn't I trust Him when He allows the pain I'm feeling now? 

Terri and I talked about our sorrows. It was a precious, private time of shared understanding about what has transpired over these last few months. We both are trusting God in all of this. He is, without a doubt, taking good care of us and we know He will continue to minister to us in every way we need as we move forward.

Today I came across an interview of Pat Boone after his wife, Shirley, died a couple of years ago. Quoting him:

"I've parted with my better half for a little white... but we don't die, we just move on to another place, and today was moving day. She's changed her address, is all, and moved to a different mansion that I expect to join her in one day." (to see the entire interview, click here.)

Some days are better than others for me. It's getting better, but it's a slow process. 

Grace and peace.


  1. Oh wow! So wonderful that you could go spend this time with Terri. I am so happy for both of you, knowing that it was something you BOTH needed so much. I feel in a way kind of envious because I love both of you so much, but I know that this was something that only the two of you could really do. Maybe another time I could join you, but not this time. I am SO happy you had the courage to make that trip by yourself. I know that probably was the hardest thing for you, but you are getting better at making little trips these days I see. Oh, and those swans are exquisite! So glad you got to see them...especially the one on her nest. I am hoping our geese are going to present us with a family this time around. She sure spends a lot of time on that nest on the island. Time will tell. I love what Pat Boone said...what a great perspective. I am very thankful to God to see the progress you and Terri both are making, as difficult as it are taking steps one day at a time, and God is blessing you for your faith and trust. God bless you dear friend. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  2. Oh, looks like you have been having some fun times recently. And, visiting with Sweet Terrie, that's so great. And, like you, I keep my Iphone and computer calendar but I like our wall calendar the BEST! Hubby and I write all of our app'ts and such there and have done that forever. I guess "old habits die hard." :o)) Continued prayers for you!

  3. Your post colors the weekend perfectly, Barb! Thank you for traveling down for our visit. Having you here was good medicine for me! Your friendship is a true blessing. I was so happy to share my church and church family with you today. And it was nice sharing the worship service with you. I like the quote from Pat Boone and agree with him. Thanks again for your visit!! xo

  4. oh I am so glad you and Terri got together.....I know it was a blessing for both of you,

  5. Prayers...I follow your blogs...good you are getting best friend forever since birth just passed the first year after 55 years of marriage...they were young...they went to cemetery ( there was no service except cemetery when he died because of COVID). And wrote on white balloons and sent them to daughter brought peanut butter and jelly tiny’s favorite...sounds silly but was sweet...a nostalgic way to celebrate if one will the first anniversary...she finally touched his clothes and is packing them to keep...her family has rallied around...because of the pandemic, she doesn’t go farther than 25 miles but soon maybe...trying to talk her into flying to Florida to my new place this fall...after more are vaccinated...enjoy your friends...I am not sure where you and Terri live but ironic you met and are both now sharing what others might not’s mom lost his dad one year ago also...she is doing great with the pandemic and day we will say remember when...take care...I do live alone and have for years...I cook each morning and enjoy I am a vegetarian and mostly vegan difficult to find food out anyway...take care...

  6. I'm so very glad you got to visit with Teri and I know you both benefited so much from spending time together. It's nice that you got to enjoy so much together and looks like the weather was perfect. I love the photos of you and your daughter too. You look SO good my friend! Take care of yourself. I want to try the restaurant you mentioned! Hugs!

  7. So glad Barbara that could spend time with your friend. How wonderful! Surfer girl is a beauty like her mama! You look great Barbara. Eat that little extra if you want too girl! All the pictures are wonderful to look at it on this Monday morning while I sip on coffee. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Good to hear from you and I am so happy that you got to spend the night with Terri. Looking forward to our visit.

  9. Barb, it sounded like you had a wonderful weekend with Terri. It looks like the weather was beautiful for your visit. Also glad you were able to spend some time with Surfer Girl at your place. The quote you shared of Pat Boone's is lovely. That bowl from Subway looks very tasty. Might have to give it a try!

  10. Lovely post, Barbara! So happy that you were able to have that necessary visit with Terri. What a wonderful blessing for both of you!

    I like that quote from Pat Boone.

  11. I'm so glad that you and Terri were able to get together, Barbara! With both of you in that season of grief, I'm sure you were such a comfort to one another. Blessings, dear friend!

  12. I've just returned from three weeks visiting my grandbaby in San Diego, Barbara, so am way behind on my blog reading and commenting. I just want to say what wonderful children you and your husband raised together! How great that one has offered you a place to stay as being around a busy and growing family will surely be a big comfort. I'm glad you can travel back and forth within Florida to visit family and friends so easily.

    So nice that you were able to meet up with Terri--she probably understands what you are going through more than anyone. There is no timeline on grief... be kind to yourself and accept the help and love of those who care for you. Take care now ♥

  13. I loved hearing that you were able to spend time with Terri. You two have gone through so many similar things and I know you each were a blessing to the other. The sermon was very fitting, and a good message for each of us to hear.

  14. Nothing like getting together with someone who really understands. Glad you could have time with Terri. What a nice toast to your beloveds with their favorite chowder. How nice to have time with Surfer Girl, too. Virtual hugs and real prayers continue!!