Sunday, August 7, 2022

Dealing With Adversity


music on the lanai this afternoon

Contrary to impressions I may give in writing, my life is not perfect. People criticize social media because so much attention is given to the good things, misleading readers to conclude the lack of problems. Of course, that is absolutely not true. Everybody has adversity. 

Then there are those who use blogs, Instagram, text messages and such to pour out all the venom that's bitten them, as if life has handed them a more ugly deal than anybody else. 

Nobody likes to read that stuff. It doesn't make the reader feel good, and it doesn't do any lasting benefit to the writer, contrary to what they may be telling themselves. Sometimes it even destroys relationships.

Yes, bad things happen to good people but I am of the firm belief those of us following the Lord will eventually see the good in even the bad stuff. 

So with all that said, yes, some adversity found me when my air conditioning stopped working last weekend.

To make a long story short, our repeated calls to my repair company (with whom I have a paid maintenance agreement) were unanswered to the point that I had to bring in an entirely different company 32 hours after the discovery of the problem. 

Eventually it came out that my repair company had sold in recent weeks and I was one of their customers who fell between the cracks during the transition. There is probably no perfect way for companies to do it; I understand that, as irritating as it was.

Yes, there was inconvenience that tried my patience, but by God's grace, we did not chew anybody out, but used tact and a level-head to progress through dicey conversations. I am especially grateful for Gary's good sense and business experience to navigate through areas I find challenging.

The problem has been fixed, I've got a new AC repair company and hopefully the previous company will do the right thing to refund the money I spent on what is now a useless maintenance agreement. 

Nope. My life is not perfect, but still so very good. As Charles Dickens said, "There is always something for which to be grateful." 

Moving into a more pleasant topic with some practicality thrown in, can you guess what this is, pictured below?

I now get a monthly pedicure by professionals. The picture above is my feet in a hot water bath with an ever-changing colored light bulb, the first step in the pedicure process. 

I've done my own feet all my life. But as I am aging and becoming less agile, trimming toe nails is a necessity that's become a chore. A few months ago I decided a pedicure is a luxury that, for seniors, is more of a requirement.

Bending over like a contortionist to reach the toes is just part of the problem. There is also the matter of sitting where I can get enough bright light to see what I'm trying to do! 

Having the best of tools is essential, particularly when dealing with the potential for in-grown toenails (please excuse the TMI). 

love the foam toe separators!

A monthly pedicure is now on my list of necessary expenditures. The decision was easy on the first visit because luxuries were included in the price such as a massaging recliner, complimentary bottled water, foot and calf muscle massages, hot moist towels, lotions and potions, and of course, the long-lasting gel polish that looks like a paint job on a brand new car!

a manly pedicure

To my pleasant surprise, after a couple of months praising this process to Gary, he decided to join me this week when I went in. We sat side-by-side for this shared experience. Of course, he did not get the bright pink toe polish. He told them his wife would not allow it! The foot soaking, hot towels, and smoothing of nail surfaces was good. 

As a former marathon runner, Gary has told me his feet took a beating. My friend, Hoyt, also a marthon runner, had his first pedicure recently. He posted this on FaceBook: "It didn't make my old runner's toes look better, but it sure made them feel better."

my toes and sandals

With that shared experience behind us, Gary then suggested we try out a new ice cream/Italian Ice shop here in town. I love a guy who has such fun ideas!

Bringing this to a close, I am reminded of what Jesus Christ said in John 16:33,

In this world 
you will have trouble.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world.

We all experience adversity on many levels. Complaining about it does little good. Trusting the Lord to help us make the best of it is a healthier approach. 

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. Indeed, no life is free from adversity! It's all in how we handle it and sounds like you handled your issue with a whole lot of grace. Hats off to you! Pedicures are such a treat and both Hubby and I get them and thoroughly enjoy them. Have a great new week!

  2. Your toes look fabulous!! That ice cream looks delicious!! I love a good pedicure and get one as often as I can. I might get gel next time since it lasts longer!! Glad your AC trouble are getting sorted and I hope the old company gives you that refund! This is not the time of year to have AC troubles. Wishing you and Gary a blessed week ahead, Barb!! Love & hugs!

  3. Oh, I am so sorry about your AC/repair/maintenance agreement/etc., but so glad you found someone to take care of you. I hope you get your money back from the other company, but I probably wouldn't be holding my breath. They don't sound too scrupulous! Now, a pedicure sounds wonderful! I've been wanting one for a long time, and I totally understand about the contortions we have to go through to get from here to there, and the right light, etc., etc. Yes, I need one badly. I think it's about time I did something special for myself like that. It's long overdue. My hubby probably wouldn't join me. He has wonderful nails and beautiful feet for a man! LOL. I've often had foot and nail envy of his! LOL. Now that ice cream thing above looks very interesting. What exactly is that? You certainly have become adventuresome these days! so happy for you to have found such happiness. God is so good. Take care my friend.

  4. Yes, we do have troubles, but God! Knowing He has it in His control is a huge comfort. :) Glad you got that AC situation worked out and thankful you have Gary to help.
    I took Bob for a pedicure once and he greatly enjoyed it. I think we'll have to do it again.

  5. Complaining does no good...great way to handle life…prayers

  6. That ice cream in the last photo looked incredible. Yum! I think everyone has adversity in their life, but it is how you react/cope/get through it that either makes you stronger or bitter. Trusting in the Lord is definitely the way to go and as you wrote, there is always something to be grateful for. Glad you both enjoyed the pedicures! I am glad you were able to get your A/C repaired and hopefully the old company steps up and makes it right. Enjoy your week, Barb!

  7. Your bottom line sums it up. I am sorry that the company did that to you. I am afraid with the downturn in the economy more will be facing a similar issue, but we just have to put one foot (with pink toenails) in front of the other.

  8. We have had similar AC issues; installer of new unit went out of business; another new unit had a bad part; mini split with leak in the Freon line ( we are in the 3rd year of a battle on this one.) It is almost comical. If it were not in my sewing room, I would close the door and forget that room! Steve is very patient!

  9. A very nice uplifting post. A monthly pedicure sounds like a great treat or necessity. Glad your A/C is humming again.

  10. There are always things to take care of 'out of the ordinary'. We sure depend on our AC here in Florida! Hope your day is good and you got out for a ride early. Happy weekend too!

  11. Yes, troubles abound - some weeks/months/years more than others. Thank you for the reminder to keep grace in such situations. Glad your AC is working, and I hope you do get some money back.