Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Calm Before the Storm

Ethan Allan mauve Queen Anne chair

My house is no longer a used furniture store. Before Hurricane Ian became a threat, I had made the decision to end the selling of my furniture at the first of this week. It was not a day too soon.

we forgot the extension for the paint roller

While I listed our furniture on the Internet, fielded the phone calls and made appointments for potential buyers, Gary kept very busy setting aside his plans to be with me, helped carry furniture from my upstairs to the main floor, carried furniture to the cars of those buyers, and making home improvements in preparation for listing my house for sale. He filled all my nail holes with spackle, painted the floor of my lanai when power washing was not a good option, trimmed my bushes and trees, was down on his hands and knees scrubbing my garage floor, and has kept a close watch on my sprinkler system. 

my living room

Yesterday the donation truck hauled off items the consignment store would not take and what remains will be taken soon. The timing has turned out to be good since we are busy watching the approach of the hurricane, praying any storm damage is minimal. 

from Terri D on FaceBook

This illustration is a spoof on the weather map "Spaghetti Models" we've been studying on local TV. The pasta has moved significantly more to the right since this was posted on FaceBook, encouraging some people and frightening others. As for us, the spaghetti is [currently] on top of our town, but not looking as serious as it was a few days ago. 

the paver patio outside the lanai

We have made our preparations, starting with moving the six large flower pots that ring the patio. In a Hurricane-force wind, those pots could become flying projectiles, a threat to not only my house but those of my neighbors.

bringing the flower pots inside

I remarked to Gary that since this patio is rimmed with a concrete curb, in the hardest of rain storms it becomes a shallow wading pond that drains very slowly. He came up with the idea to dig a small tunnel under the curb and insert a piece of PVC pipe to help the water drain into the back yard. He took care of it and we expect that to be a help.

sand bags at the back door

Back at Gary's house, sand bags were placed at the base of his patio door and other yard decorations were tucked into the garage.

Waiting for Ian to arrive

We are blessed to not be in an evacuation zone, and we don't live close to any rivers, so our plan is to remain at home with our flashlights and food that doesn't need to be cooked to be enjoyed. 

Loss of electricity is a probability, so I've given thought how to occupy myself when that happens. 

pantry shelves

I don't like the wire shelves in our closets, so my plan was to tackle a solution when the power goes out. However my enthusiasm to get started took over and now the project is done before the arrival of the storm!

My friend Diana (now of Omaha) taught me this trick years ago. I place large pieces of cardboard on top of the wire shelves. It's helpful to keep the contents of the shelves from falling through or sitting crooked. This has served me well in my past three houses.

pantry completed

This works well for the pantry and even more so for the hall closet where we have bottles of medicines and grooming products that can slip through the wire.

Well, that's done and the real fury of the storm has not shown up yet. We've got our flashlights and books to read if the power goes out. Authorities are telling us to stay home as much as possible and we are content to do that. We've got plans for next week that need some advance preparation, so that will get our focus. 

local weather report

As I worked on my shelf project, I hummed this song I've shared with you  before. It's a favorite for many of us from the Gaithers, Til the Storm Passes By. The words start out with, "In the dark of the midnight..."

Current weather reports are of the opinion that the storm will be at its strongest in our area tonight, so this song really fits!

As I pray for my family and friends in the storm's path, I thank you for the thoughtful expressions you have sent my way.

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. Praying for you and Gary! Looks like y’all are as ready as can be. Stay safe!

  2. It sounds like you are prepared well and I'm glad you didn't have to evacuate. My daughter and son-in-law live in Apollo Beach and had to leave. However his parents are in a safe place and they went to be with them at their home. Take care and we are praying up here in Ohio for all of you.

  3. Prayers…I was evacuated…am at son’s…we are on the coast…not as bad as expected thankfully…however loss of power…winds rain…I will go home tomorrow if power etc…not over yet…prayers

  4. Praying for you and Gary and all the others in the storms path. Pray for no flooding and that power does not go out....or al least not more than a day. Stay safe. P.S. A puzzle is always fun....if you have lights.

  5. Smart to donate…I had chairs like that…that Gary is a worker.

  6. Good for you for all the work the two of you have been doing, cleaning out the house, fixing things and then getting hurricane ready.
    Your shelves look great too.
    Praying for safety for you and other friends in FL.

  7. All I can say is WOW.
    Th only way I could possibly relate is when we have our forest fires that come close to our towns. Very scary and I do hope for the best for your property. I have been praying for Florida.

  8. OH< I just posted the same song on my post without reading yours first! We are both in the same frame of mind...keeping busy while we wait for the storm to pass by...praying for our friends further south to not be seriously impacted by the storm...Terri in particular is on my heart and mind. I am happy you got all of your furniture taken care of before the storm. I know that is a lot off of your mind. And your items at Dixie Cottage continue to be favorite items. I wish we had more!! We did have to close the store today through Friday, but praying we can open back up on Saturday if we have power. Praying for you all and all our friends in Florida. May God see us all through and keep us safe til the storm passes by. Love to you both.

  9. Praying for you as this storm passes by your area that you stay safe and secure from the winds and rain! You have certainly prepared as best you can! Do you have a generator? Those high winds are always so worrisome. I love the song Til the Storm Passes too. So thankful that we can put our trust in the Lord! You and those in the path of the storm are in my prayers!

  10. Prayers today for all of those in the hurricane…I read a few blogs in England and even fewer in this country…Ironically, three of my favorites are Barbara…Terri, and Pam…Linda in Texas…I was under mandatory evacuated and did so to my son…it wasn’t pleasant but we escaped the fiasco that hit just south of us…I have prayed and my cadre of text friends have prayed…I am planning to go to the condo today if I have electricity…I hope those of you I mentioned are okay…please sign in…God is good to give us praying friends. The worst part for me personally the worry of my daughter in Indy and the little boys wondering here…my daughter has rescheduled her flight for the end of October and we will celebrate my Sept 30 birthday…a little matter actually…prayers for those south of us please. Barbara I am thankful that you have Gary, and as I read your blog, I realize how blessed you both are…

  11. Well, I'm pretty sure that you two are as prepared as you can be and I pray that you will not receive any damage. So admire the way you two have handled blending your lives. Blessings abundant!

  12. Barb, your pantry looks incredible. We had the wire shelves in a couple closets in our previous home. We used leftover scraps of paneling to line the shelves, but I used cardboard for the wire shelves in my classroom. Praying for you and yours along with all in Florida for safety. Thinking of you.

  13. Thinking and praying for you and all our bloggy friends and some other friends and family that live in Florida. Those wire shelves drive me batty. That is a great solution that we have used, too. Hunker down and stay safe!

  14. I'm realizing I have no idea where in Florida you are. I hope you are safe, and soon are back online to tell about it. One of my sisters is in Naples - blessedly dry, but in the dark. Another has properties in Ft. Myers. She hasn't heard what damage those may have sustained. So much devastation - it is hard to imagine all the suffering. Prayers for your and Gary's safety.